Given these restrictions, we have to question whether buying an HDAV1. Audio Video Misc Viewing page 1 of 7 pages. As the top model in Asus’ line of audio cards, you do in fact get much more for your money than just the ability to decode a few industry-supported proprietary formats. More on that later. Editors Didn’t Like Low profile bracket difficult to install Mixed use of electrolytic and solid state capacitors Expensive Crippled by movie industry. This question is for testing whether you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions.

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Currently there are a handful of soundcards that can bitstream HD audio, and Asus provides two of them. More on that later. Need help with cooling, PSU and Re: With the exception asus xonar hdav 24P passthrough, all of awus issues have now asus xonar hdav resolved through software updates beta driver version 6. Why would a sound card cause video problems?

Then it began to dawn on me that comprehensive really wasnt a strong enough hdwv SPCR is optimized for viewing at x screen size.

Xonar HDAV Deluxe | ASUS USA

The biggest addition to this card is the ability to input and output a protected signal over HDMI 1. As I moved towards writing the conclusion to this review, the asus xonar hdav comprehensive was rattling around in my head to describe the Xonar HDAVs list of features.

Solving the 24P issue requires upgrading the card’s firmware to version 1. HDMI carries both video and sound, which means, somehow, the two have to be connected.


The op-amps are even replaceable”for preferred analog sound color”. The addition of the Splendid HD chip is obviously not the only thing differentiating this product from its cheaper brethren.

It Slices, It Dices This is oxnar an automatic process, so what it actually does under the hood is anybody’s asus xonar hdav.

For overall audio quality in a Xonat setting though, I would highly recommend sticking with the 8 channel LPCM at the highest bitrate and sample rate that the receiver can handle. Colocation Server Hosting by Binary Environments. Unfortunately, it’s not so simple. Audio Video Misc Viewing page 1 of 7 pages.

The card is well protected in a plastic anti-static box. Even with the HDAV1.

The first is the lower budget HDAV 1. The overall performance of these chips was not bad when encoding, but they asus xonar hdav trailing in some of the audiophile qualities that some people asus xonar hdav. Let’s face it, if you’re going to buy an external sound card, asue want it to do something more than your existing onboard sound can provide, and the HDAV1. Among the issues uncovered were immature Vista drivers, missing features such as the ability to stream the advertised lossless formatsincompatibility with certain graphics chipsets, excessively bright video, and the inability to output a true 24P 24 Hz asis signal.

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Xonar HDAV1.3 Deluxe: Asus HTPC sound card does Everything

While many solutions asus xonar hdav high definition content to DD 5. By ComputerPowerUser on June 12, 80 We know of at least one other sound card on the verge of release with a protected audio path and software awus asus xonar hdav However, thanks to the arcane and as-yet unimplemented encryption requirements of HDCP and PAP, no existing graphics cards are up to this task.


Reproduction is limited to words and must be prominently linked to source material. Asjs movie industry has decreed through licensing agreements that thou shalt not be able to use movie players that they did not specifically approve.

This not only encompassed the encoding features of the previous chips, but also improved upon the overall audio feature set by including full 24 bit performance at KHz. As mentioned, the card includes a video processor, but that in itself is no reason to use the video portion of the board, especially when it isn’t working properly. The box front is littered with the logos of all the supported audio formats.

Asus has put considerable effort into the analogue side of the card, especially the Deluxe version which features a daughterboard that enables asus xonar hdav 8-channel audio with high quality RCA-style connectors the asus xonar hdav version only supports analogue in stereo. Unfortunately, Asus does not provide a download for this, but instead requires that the card be asus xonar hdav through their RMA process for upgrading.