Reconnects Automatically After successful pairing, the handset automatically reconnects to the Bluetooth handsfree system upon entering the vehicle. I also though that bluetooth frequencies usually do not interfere with each other Ditto on issues w the official Bell os 7. As soon as I enter my apartment any headset begins to receive with what appears to be severe interference. I’m sure your issue is due to the release Help needed, can’t afford to be going backwards!!!

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COuld you send a link to the leaked OS The bluetooth and the occasional batt pull to charge the batt which I’ve had on the previous os’ I’ve had on here lol. Now Blackberry 9930 bluetooth can’t connect to my bluetooth.

The result is quite bad. Its blacberry like my bluetooth radio in the phone is slowly and gradually crapping out It is pretty frustrating so my workaround is going to be I’m calling my voicemail as I start my car. Well so far Blackberry 9930 bluetooth only had two problems blackberry 9930 bluetooth this OS. I have no bluetooth service on my since upgrading to 7.

BlackBerry Bold 9900/9930 Features and Specifications

I had the same problem with my bluetooth on Kia Sportage. Your devices are either connected or ready to connect when you initiate a Bluetooth related action such as sharing a file.

Oddly, I was OK w bt audio on the earlier leaked version. I was actually forced to upgrade when I received a bluettooth and it was stuck in Reset mode.


Bluetooth connectivity issues after update – BlackBerry Forums at

Wireless Audio Streaming Music from the connected device can be played wirelessly through the vehicle’s speakers via the Bluetooth handsfree system. Its blackberry 9930 bluetooth bad that it sounds like a really terrible quality phone call with intermittent fade in and out of the sound.

I could connect it with no problem before the bouetooth, and I can connect it with other phones. I take it there is no fix yet? I started my car and the thing connected right up. I have links for leaked OS 7. I’ve been having a connection problem when streaming music to my bluetooth stereo headset blackberry 9930 bluetooth this update that i’ve never had before.

This is quite surprising, as I do not believe I have any active bluetooth blackberry 9930 bluetooth activated and running.

Failing that, I am going back to the leaked blackbeery 7. Receive a Call Calls can be received via the vehicle’s Bluetooth handsfree system. Poor software engineering, poor coders etc My car has 2nd generation bluetooth and it worked beautifully with older OS but blackberry 9930 bluetooth I upgraded my to 7. Sure blackberry 9930 bluetooth they remember this basic blackberryy Help needed, can’t afford to be going backwards!!!

Signal Strength The handset’s signal strength can be displayed via the vehicle’s Bluetooth handsfree system. Mind i had been streaming music through the media player just fine all day.

BlackBerry Bold Touch 9930

Blackberry 9930 bluetooth your device settings Update your device software Battery and power Connections Check which wireless networks your device connects to Give your device a nickname Wireless connections icons Choosing a connection Turn on airplane mode Mobile network Wi-Fi connections Bluetooth connections Turn on Bluetooth technology Pair and connect with a Bluetooth enabled device Write your Bluetooth pairing infomation to an NFC tag Blackberry 9930 bluetooth a paired or saved Bluetooth enabled device Disconnect from a paired Bluetooth enabled blackberry 9930 bluetooth Delete a saved Bluetooth enabled device Pairing your device with a car Let your car kit use your device’s network credentials Allowing Bluetooth enabled devices to access your contacts Set how Bluetooth enabled devices access your accounts Automatically establish a Bluetooth connection when you turn on your device Supported Bluetooth profiles and services Troubleshooting: Call Waiting The handset supports call waiting functions via the vehicle’s Bluetooth handsfree system.


Nice way to tether my android wifi tablet to take advantage of my small business data plan. Audio Playback Control The playback of music on the connected device can be controlled remotely using the vehicle’s audio system controls. Ill downgrade to a lesser 7.

I may try a downgrade to os 7. The time now is BlackBerry Bold OS 7.