Note, you’ll see a little red “Crab” in the system tray with an X through it saying hardware not found. Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links. You probably need to do something to help the signal strength. Good luck once again people, when i next go to my lasses place i’ll try these things out and let you know if they helped. I installed the card. Mine however drops the connection from anywhere between 10 minutes to a few hours, its random.

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I installed the card. Hybrid IP Routing Trendnet tew-423pi xp. Another way to increase your signal strength is by the use of hi-gain antennas. It’s in my girlfriend’s pc and it always works when the pc starts and then interweb access tew-243pi less than 5 mins later.

Trendnet TEW-423PI Problem with XP Pro SP2

Try these simple tests. I just bought one of these cards too. Mine has the power management under the advanced tab.

Uninstall the Trendnet software using it’s own uninstall trendnet tew-423pi xp that appears when you select Trendnet from the programs list 5. Mine however drops the connection from anywhere between 10 minutes to a few hours, its random.

54Mbps Wireless G PCI Adapter

If you see the bubble on the bottom is where the 1. To post a screen shot of the active window, hold the Alt key and press the PrtScn key. However this issue trendnet tew-423pi xp been fixed after, probably because Windows Xp has been able to browse the wireless networks since the first restart. Either way, trendnet tew-423pi xp always fails.


54Mbps Wireless G PCI Adapter – TRENDnet TEWPI

Just joined this trendnet tew-423pi xp since i have the same issue with this bloody Trendnet TEWPI wireless card and i cannot resolve it myself.

Some reviewers had install issues and many mentioned problems with the drivers on the trendnet tew-423pi xp, but I didn’t experience any issues at all – NONE! The actual chipset that this card contains are manufactured by Realtek as the My connection never drops out now.

Restore disc xl for a Lenovo I can find no faults with the card, would buy again and would recommend to trendnet tew-423pi xp. Hawking Tech has a number of products that will help you increase your wireless range. Trouble with Windows 10 updates It trendnnet less than 10 minutes and has been working perfectly. Then under the download search that appears on the far left side, type in: A soft reboot fixes it but then it fails trendnet tew-423pi xp after minutes.


Give it a litle bit, and once its authenticated, and got a network address – you’re up and running.

Thanks a lot Sergio Ok So I fixed the problem, I changed pci connection in the back and now everything works. Now double click on your wireless card. Originally Posted by flynorth. After its done, power down, and trendnet tew-423pi xp back up. Note that this trendnet tew-423pi xp requires NET Framework to run. The updated driver seems to have fixed the issue with the card randomly slowing down and disconnecting. tew423pi

Search this Thread Advanced Search. Thanks for your help. Based on my experience, I would highly recommend trendnet tew-423pi xp card. It seems to be a hardware problem, because when the adapter fails, the configuration utility can’t communicate with the adapter at all anymore. This seems to tendnet the connection alive for me.